Global Recycling Standard Certification GRS

2023-07-01  546

The Global Recycled Standards (GRS) were originally developed by Control Union Certificates (CU) in 2008, and ownership was transferred to Textile Exchange (TE) on January 1, 2011.

The Global Recycling Standard (GRS) is a voluntary product standard used to track and verify the content of recycled materials in final products. This standard applies to the entire supply chain and involves traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical composition, and labeling. Through GRS certification, you can convey your commitment to material authenticity to customers and support the circular economy by using it to manufacture new products and reduce waste.

Which have passed GRS/RCS certification?

GRS certification is applicable to: engaged in spinning, knitting, printing, woolen knitted woven clothing, yarn weaving, dyeing, hats, luggage in the textile industry; Granulation in the plastic industry (such as ABS, PP, PC, PE, TPU, PET, etc.), PE plastic bags, plastic shells (such as power banks, headphones, sockets, game handles, phone tablet protective shells, etc.); Sales and trading companies and production factories for products in the metal industry (such as zinc alloy, copper, iron, stainless steel, luggage hanging parts, buckle, etc.) and other industries.

Certification requirements

Requirements for recycled materials: product specification table, loss table, material balance table (calculation of recycled material proportion), regeneration process control document, etc. A product with a recycled content greater than 20% is a qualification for certification;

Social responsibility requirements: Does the company have an environmental management system, fire safety, occupational health assessment or testing reports, etc;

Environmental requirements: environmental assessment, approval, acceptance and other documents, as well as emission permits and treatment records for wastewater and exhaust gas;

Chemical requirements: List of qualified chemicals and suppliers used in GRS products, MSDS, and test reports.

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