The application of needle punched RPET spunbond

2024-04-15  383

Needle punched non-woven fabric has a wide range of practicality, made from environmentally friendly polyester fibers. It has stable chemical properties, is free of formaldehyde, non-toxic and odorless. According to different raw material ratios and production processes, different characteristics of needle punched non-woven fabric can be produced. It has functions such as insulation, heat insulation, flame retardancy, breathability, moisture absorption, filtration, and purification. Therefore, it is widely used in the automotive industry and is often used as a production material for automotive filters, air conditioning filters, ceilings, carpets, sunshades, seat cushions, and rear trunk

The main uses of polyester fiber spunbond needle punched nonwoven geotextile are as follows:

River embankment anti filtration slope protection, water channel reinforcement and waterproofing, foundation reinforcement of highways, filtration, drainage, soil slopes, retaining walls, and ground reinforcement drainage

Reinforcement and drainage of railway lines, aircraft runways, port wharves, soft foundation treatment, mudflat embankments, port wharves and breakwaters;

Reinforcement and waterproofing of waste treatment plants, ash dams in thermal power plants, and tailings dams in mines; Polyester filament spunbond needle punched non-woven geotextile has been widely used in various fields of infrastructure construction and is gradually being used in increasingly common fields.

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