Detailed classification of needle punched RPET spunbond application products

2024-04-22  398

The application range of needle punched non-woven fabric is wide, but there may be specific and detailed classifications that you are not aware of. Let's take a look together!

Medical and labor protection: masks, bandages, surgical gowns, isolation suits, protective clothing, strip hats, mirror paper, vacuum bags, sanitary napkins, sterilization cloths, soft pads, diapers, care pads, makeup remover cotton, PE shower caps, PE shoe covers, mattresses, etc.

Home and decoration: carpets, substrates, curtains, rags, tablecloths, cushions, cushions, sleeping bags, tents, dust-proof cloth, filter cloth, wall materials, dry and wet glossy cloth, aprons, etc.

Environmental protection and horticulture: nursery cloth, thermal insulation cover, frost and insect prevention, soil and water conservation, soilless cultivation, artificial vegetation, lawn protection, plant root protection, etc.

Clothing and shoe leather: clothing lining, base fabric, clothing cover, shoe cover, warm padding, luggage lining, etc.

Industry: asphalt cloth, fireproof cloth, wiping cloth, sound-absorbing felt, flame retardant products, waterproof insulation felt, etc.

Other: automotive industry products, defense and military products, recyclable waste, other industries, etc.

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