SMS non-woven fabric

2024-04-29  354

SMS non-woven fabric is a composite non-woven fabric made from spunbond and melt blown composite products. It has the advantages of high strength, good filtration performance, no adhesive, and no toxicity, so it is widely used in medical and health labor protection products, such as surgical gowns, surgical hats, protective clothing, hand sanitizers, and handbags.

SMS non-woven fabric is mainly produced using polypropylene resin as the main raw material, with a light weight, good fluffiness, and good hand feel. The finished product has moderate softness and a comfortable feel. In addition, SMS non-woven fabric is non absorbent with zero moisture content, excellent water repellency and breathability, easy to keep the fabric surface dry, and easy to wash. Due to the use of FDA compliant food grade raw materials and the absence of other chemical components, the product has stable performance, is non-toxic, odorless, and does not irritate the skin.

At present, the main processes for manufacturing SMS non-woven fabrics include "one-step method", "two-step method", and "one-step and a half method". These process methods each have their own characteristics, but they can effectively produce high-quality SMS non-woven fabric products.

Overall, SMS non-woven fabrics play an important role in healthcare and other related fields due to their excellent performance and wide range of applications. If you need to purchase SMS non-woven fabric, it is recommended to purchase from reputable merchants and pay attention to checking its quality and performance to ensure that you purchase products that meet your needs.

In short, non-woven fabric, as a new type of textile material, is gradually changing people's way of life due to its unique performance and wide application fields.

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