When choosing to purchase non-woven fabrics, the following key factors need to be considered

2024-05-06  370

  Clear purpose: Firstly, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of purchasing non-woven fabric, as different non-woven fabric models are suitable for different application scenarios. Understanding the specific uses of the required non-woven fabric can help screen out the products that best meet the requirements.

  Observing quality and appearance: When purchasing, the quality of non-woven fabric should be carefully observed, including its strength, flexibility, water absorption, and other properties. At the same time, check whether the surface of the fabric has luster and whether there are floating fibers or a large amount of floating silk. Matte or a large amount of floating silk may indicate the use of recycled materials, which can affect the quality of non-woven fabrics.

  Pay attention to color, weight, and width: Determine the required color, weight, and width of the non-woven fabric to meet the specific application requirements. These parameters are crucial for ensuring the performance of non-woven fabrics during use.

  Considering supplier strength: Choosing a strong supplier can ensure the quality and delivery time of non-woven fabrics, and also guarantee after-sales service. Suppliers can be evaluated for their strength by examining their qualifications, customer evaluations, and other methods.

  In summary, when selecting and purchasing non-woven fabrics, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as usage, quality, appearance, color, weight, width, and supplier strength to ensure that high-quality non-woven fabrics that meet the requirements are purchased. At the same time, when purchasing, you can also consult with suppliers to obtain more professional advice and information about non-woven fabrics.

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