The production process of pulp air flow non-woven fabric is roughly as follows:

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Preparation of wood pulp fibers: Firstly, the wood pulp fibers are crushed or other methods are used to form fibers for subsequent processing.

Airflow networking: Using airflow networking technology, wood pulp fibers are dispersed and suspended in the air to form a fiber network. This process involves dispersing and suspending fibers in the air through high-speed airflow, and then depositing the fibers on the mesh curtain under the action of gravity, forming a fiber network.

Reinforcement into fabric: After the fiber mesh is formed, it needs to be reinforced to form non-woven fabric. The methods of reinforcement can be thermal bonding, chemical bonding, or mechanical reinforcement. Among them, thermal bonding is the process of melting and bonding the hot melt fibers between the fibers through methods such as hot pressing or rolling; Chemical bonding is the use of adhesives to bond fibers together; Mechanical reinforcement involves entanglement of fibers through methods such as needling and water needling.

Post treatment: The reinforced non-woven fabric may require post-treatment, such as cutting, folding, packaging, etc., for subsequent use or transportation.

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