Types of non-woven fabrics

2024-06-11  218

Non woven fabric (non-woven fabric) is a type of fabric that does not require spinning and weaving. It is formed by orienting or randomly arranging textile short fibers or filaments to form a fiber network structure, and reinforced by mechanical, thermal adhesive, or chemical methods. There are various classifications of non-woven fabrics, and the following are based on production processes and application requirements:

Classified by production process:

Spunlaced non-woven fabric: uses high-pressure micro water flow to spray onto the fiber mesh, causing the fibers to entangle with each other, thereby strengthening the fiber mesh.

Heat sealed non-woven fabric: adding fibrous or powdery hot melt adhesive material to the fiber mesh, reinforcing it into a fabric after heating, melting, and cooling.

Pulp air flow net forming non-woven fabric (dust-free paper, dry papermaking non-woven fabric): Using air flow net forming technology to loosen wood pulp fibers into a single fiber state, then using air flow method to aggregate the fibers on the net curtain, and then reinforcing the fabric.

Wet non-woven fabric: The fiber raw materials are loosened into single fibers in a water medium, mixed to form a fiber suspension slurry, and the fibers form a mesh in a wet state before being reinforced into a fabric.

Spin bonded non-woven fabric: After the polymer is extruded and stretched to form a continuous filament, it is laid into a mesh, and then bonded or mechanically reinforced to turn the fiber mesh into non-woven fabric.

Melt blown non-woven fabric: The polymer is melted and extruded to form fibers, which are then cooled, formed into a mesh, and reinforced into a fabric.

Needle punched non-woven fabric: Using the puncture effect of the needle to reinforce the fluffy fiber mesh into a fabric.

Sewn non-woven fabric: Using the warp knitted coil structure to reinforce the fiber mesh, yarn layer, non-woven materials, etc., to make non-woven fabric.

Classified by application requirements:

Disposable non-woven fabrics: such as medical and hygiene fabrics (surgical gowns, masks, etc.), wet face towels, etc.

Durable non-woven fabrics: such as home decoration fabrics (curtain fabrics, tablecloths, etc.), clothing fabrics (lining, shaping cotton, etc.), filter material fabrics (air conditioning filter mesh fabrics, etc.).

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