The difference between non-woven fabric and pure cotton

2024-06-17  228

Non woven fabric and pure cotton are two different materials, and they have significant differences in materials, characteristics, and uses.

Material: Non woven fabric is mainly made of polyester fibers and polyester fibers, and is made through needle punching technology. It has the characteristics of moisture resistance, breathability, flexibility, lightweight, flame retardant, non-toxic and odorless. Pure cotton is made from 100% natural cotton, which has good water absorption and breathability, and a soft and comfortable feel.

Usage: Non woven fabrics are widely used in various industries such as sound insulation, heat insulation, electric heating pads, masks, clothing, and medical filling materials due to their lightweight, durable, and low cost characteristics. Pure cotton, due to its natural fiber properties, is commonly used to make everyday items that come into direct contact with the skin, such as clothing and bedding.

Wash face towels and slippers: For daily necessities such as wash face towels and slippers, pure cotton is usually considered a better choice. Pure cotton face towels are more suitable for cleaning the face due to their soft and comfortable feel and good water absorption. Pure cotton slippers are more suitable for wearing due to their breathability and comfort. In contrast, non-woven face towels may have a harder hand feel and poorer water absorption, while non-woven slippers may not be as comfortable as pure cotton slippers.

Marinated materials: In terms of marinated materials, non-woven fabrics and pure cotton each have their own advantages. Non woven fabrics may be more suitable for packaging seasoning due to their waterproof and antibacterial properties. Pure cotton, due to its natural fiber properties, may be more suitable for packaging materials that come into direct contact with food, but higher hygiene standards are required.

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