Characteristics and application fields of RPET fabric

2022-08-08  119

The RPET fabric we usually talk about is actually polyester filament needle punched non-woven geotextile, which is called RPET fabric, also known as polyester filament non-woven fabric. It does not contain chemical additives and does not undergo heat treatment. It is an environmental protection building material manufactured by RPET fabric manufacturers. It can replace the traditional engineering materials and construction methods, make the construction more safe, be conducive to environmental protection, and solve the basic problems in the engineering construction more economically, effectively and permanently.

The RPET fabric manufactured by the RPET fabric manufacturer has good mechanical function, good water permeability, can adapt to the uneven base, and has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-aging, isolation, reverse osmosis, drainage, protection, stability and enhancement, and can resist construction and maintain the original function under long-term load. In addition, RPET fabric has high UV resistance and high heat resistance. At high temperature, it still maintains the structural integrity and original physical properties. At present, RPET fabrics manufactured by RPET fabric manufacturers have been widely used in the field of infrastructure construction and gradually applied to a wider range of fields.

As a kind of geotextile with excellent performance, RPET fabric plays an important protective role in engineering. It is widely used in water conservancy seepage control projects, such as seepage control, leakage stoppage, reinforcement of lakes and lakes, reservoirs and dams, seepage control of waterways and vertical slope protection. RPET fabrics manufactured by RPET fabric manufacturers can be used for municipal environmental protection, environmental sanitation and seepage prevention projects, such as sewage treatment, toxic and hazardous substance disposal sites, domestic garbage landfills, industrial wastes, hazardous goods warehouses, construction and blasting wastes.

RPET fabric can also be used in municipal engineering seepage prevention and waterproof engineering, such as building underground engineering and roof storage tank, sewage pipe lining, roof garden, subway seepage prevention, etc; Anti seepage works for beautifying waterscape, such as pond lining of golf course, artificial lake, pond, slope protection, etc. In addition, RPET fabrics manufactured by RPET fabric manufacturers can also be used in anti-seepage engineering of agricultural water conservancy projects, aquaculture, metallurgy and petrochemical projects, anti-corrosion engineering, mining anti-seepage engineering, anti-corrosion engineering of traffic engineering infrastructure, anti-seepage engineering, etc.

Source: Yangzhou humon Textile Industry Co., Ltd