Polyester spunbond fabric

2022-08-15  143

Polyester spunbond fabric has high strength, good high temperature resistance (can be used in 150 ℃ environment for a long time), aging resistance, UV resistance, high elongation, good stability and permeability, corrosion resistance, sound insulation, moth proof and non-toxic.


1.Light weight with High strength

2.High air permeability

3.High elongation

4.Superior dimension stability

5.Abrasive and heat resistance

6. No fraying even in the cutting edge

7.High hydrophobic and lipophilic properties

8.Good receptivity of dyes and high printability


1.Width: Less than 3200mm

2.Roll diameter: Less than 1500mm

3.Weight: 10 – 130 g/㎡

4.Color: on customer’s request


1.Personal care: Coating substrates:

-Baby and adult diapers -Luggage and handbags

-Training pants -Glassfiber reinforced plastics

-Sanitary towel, tampone -Synthetic leather

-Panty shields

2.Clothing and shoes: Agriculture and horticulture:

-Disposable underwear -Greenhouse shading

-Protective and working cloth -Crop and plant protection

-Interlining -Capillary mats

-Packing material for fruit & vegetable

3.Home furnishing: Packings:

-Carpet underlays -Carrier bags,

-Bed lining -Combined packing of nonwovens and plastic

-Mattress backing and covers -Flower wrapping materials

-Fabric used in furniture construction plastic


-Table decorator

4.Civic engineering : Medical:

-Road and railway -Disposable clothing

-Construction -Face mask

-Dam and canal lining -Head wear

-Ground stabilizing -Shoe cover

-Bed linen

-Surgical drapes and wraps

5.Specific industrial applications: Automotive and vehicle:

-Filtration -Insulation materials

-Abrasive materials -Headliners

-Cable wrapping -Interior roof lining

-Electronics(floppy disk liners) -Backing materials


6.Household: Miscellaneous:

-Laundry softeners and additives -Art canvases

-Vacuum cleaner bags -Tents

-Book covers -Advertising articles

-Tea and coffee bags -Self adhesive materialsa

News source: Baidu Encyclopedia